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Do you know what double chive on the left side means? And how do you handle those four little words, we need to talk? Des and Michelle discuss these and other issues, like the Big Quit, imposter syndrome and more. Giddy up!

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Meet Cuban and Sooner

What exactly is work-life teetering, and who (or what) are Cuban and Sooner? Those questions and more are answered in this launch episode with ugly-crying and occasionally victorious friends and sometimes colleagues, Deseri Garcia and Michelle Freed.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    3 min

Worst Advice Ever

What is the worst advice you’ve ever received? We asked listeners to share their hilarious, groan-worthy and questionable bad advice stories about dating, relationships, work and evil siblings. They did not disappoint

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How Hard Can It Be?

You know those times when you try a new sport or physical challenge, even though you have no idea what you’re doing? Things can go very wrong. We’re having fun in this episode by sharing our own stories that provide answers to that very question. Spoiler alert: it can be really, really hard.

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10 Red Flags in Relationships & Why We Ignore Them

Red flags in dating and romantic relationships can be confusing. In this Cuban & Sooner episode, we’re sharing our top ten relationship red flags, the reasons why we tend to ignore them, and how to interpret what they mean for you.

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Shoulda Woulda Coulda

You know that nagging feeling that you “should” be more … everything? Living with regrets can make you feel depressed, angry and empty. In this episode, Cuban & Sooner explore those tricky “woulda, coulda shoulda’s” – and share tips for dealing with them.

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7 Traits of Horrible, Very Bad Bosses

Terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad … bosses. We’ve all had them, or maybe even BEEN them. Turns out, bad bosses aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re usually just stressed, frustrated or feeling insecure. Find out who fits the bill in this episode of Cuban & Sooner.

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Learning to Say No

Are you a people pleaser? Do you feel guilty if you decline an invitation or a request for help? Saying no isn’t easy, and for good reason – cooperation and social harmony are in our genes. In this episode, Cuban & Sooner explore why it’s so hard, and how you can learn to make that two-letter word a regular part of your vocabulary.

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What About the Tottering?

Cuban & Sooner is all about finding ways to Own Your Teeter – dealing with the blurred lines of everything in our lives. In this episode, we explore the totter.

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Vision Boards? Oh, Please

Does the thought of a vision board make you salivate with anticipation or roll your eyes with contempt? It gets a little heated in this episode – things could get ugly.

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