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Do you know what double chive on the left side means? And how do you handle those four little words, we need to talk? Des and Michelle discuss these and other issues, like the Big Quit, imposter syndrome and more. Giddy up!

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Meet Cuban and Sooner

What exactly is work-life teetering, and who (or what) are Cuban and Sooner? Those questions and more are answered in this launch episode with ugly-crying and occasionally victorious friends and sometimes colleagues, Deseri Garcia and Michelle Freed.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    3 min

The Plot Thickens

Is there such a thing as a juicy and inspiring failure story? On this episode of Cuban & Sooner, Des and Michelle explore the benefits of going-out-in-flames.

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Attack of Relationship Killers

The lines between work and personal lives are blurred now more than ever and can wreak havoc on our relationships. Cuban & Sooner discuss their top relationship killers and more in this episode.

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It Could Always Be Worse

“Oh, you’re fine!” is a classic example of toxic positivity, which might be well-intentioned, but is a really negative way to deal with real human emotion. We’re talking about that and more in this episode!

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Vacation Shaming (It’s a Thing)

Vacation shaming is a thing. In this episode, we discuss the vacay roadblocks many of us face in the workplace, and what we can do to deal and get out of our own way.

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WTF: Hips Don’t Lie

What happens when you get news you’re not expecting that will drastically alter your immediate future … and possibly even more? In this episode, we talk about cankles, surgery anxiety, and how such issues can affect, well … everything.

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Coastal Grandmothers: Landlocked

In this episode, we talk about Coastal Grandmothers and all things linen, plus whether we fit the bill, if there’s a deeper meaning to it all, and how we can all learn from each other – no matter the age.

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We Need To Talk

There are four little words that can make us feel scared, uneasy … maybe even like we want to throw up or go hide under the bed. In this episode, co-hosts Deseri Garcia and Michelle Freed share a recent, real-life friendship conflict they faced, and how they worked through it.

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Imposter Syndrome, Or No?

Imposter syndrome is the feeling of being a fraud at work – even when you’re actually a freakin’ rock star. Is it a “diagnosis” that’s all too often given?

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Get Out the Goo Gone, Part 2

We continue the conversation about being stuck in a rut. If you’ve ever felt all dried up in a relationship – a romantic or friendly one – and you couldn’t figure out how to get out, then this one’s for you.

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