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The Cuban & Sooner podcast helps take listeners from, “What the hell is going on and how do I deal?” to, “I’m not alone, I can do this.” It’s not so much about achieving work-life balance, it’s more about teetering between the blurred lines of work, life, relationships and personal issues that intersect them all. We explore feeling stuck, frustrated and uncertain, and how to gain new perspectives by sharing experiences, insights, practices and well-earned wisdom. We’re two kickass, ugly-crying and frequently victorious women who share occasionally opposing but often complementary viewpoints. We just hope nobody gets hurt.

About Us

Deseri "Cuban" Garcia

Deseri "Cuban" Garcia


Deseri Garcia is the mastering-of-non-resistance, gratitude journaling, woo woo Cuban. When she’s not doing vision boards, she geeks out on developing executives, leaders and teams. As founder and owner of Vida Aventura, she is a passionate coach, facilitator and speaker with over 20 years in corporate America. By implementing creative, experiential and personalized programs, she challenges, motivates and transforms clients. Whether it’s through a half-day workshop, one-on-one session, or an extended training designed to your business’ specific goals, you and your team are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

My website: Vida Aventura

Michelle "Sooner" Freed

Michelle "Sooner" Freed


Michelle Freed is the football loving Sooner originally from Oklahoma, who is a snarky, curious and always questioning anti-coach. And when she’s not mastering her latest eye-rolling technique, she’s a corporate communication specialist, speaker, playwright, and writer with performance tendencies. Whether it’s a small retreat or large-group presentation, Michelle enjoys speaking thoughtfully, colorfully and with humor about a variety of relevant and unifying topics. She and her team at Woodfish Group, LLC provide services that include everything from online content and social media management, to creative collaboration and corporate messaging.


My website: Michelle Freed

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Recent Episodes

The Tables Have Turned

This entire episode features some of our favorite Teeter Beater questions, but this time, all the answers come from listeners. For instance, what movie character would you want in your corner in a zombie apocalypse? And what are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the pandemic? You’ll love their answers on this Season 1 finale of Cuban & Sooner.

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SoVonna Day-Goins: Hello, Sexy Metaverse!

“Everything is an evolution in understanding.” Wise words from Metaverse rock star SoVonna Day-Goins, who left “Big Bank for Big Tech,” and makes words like blockchain and augmented reality sound sexy. She’s been recently featured on Bloomberg Tech and Bloomberg Live, and is creating new virtual reality pathways for women.

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Trial By Fire

If you’ve ever been thrown into a high-pressure situation without knowing for sure what you’re doing, then you are personally familiar with the phrase Trial By Fire. But there are big benefits to trying new things. In this episode we’re spilling the tea on our own podcast journey.

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