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Do you know what double chive on the left side means? And how do you handle those four little words, we need to talk? Des and Michelle discuss these and other issues, like the Big Quit, imposter syndrome and more. Giddy up!

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Meet Cuban and Sooner

What exactly is work-life teetering, and who (or what) are Cuban and Sooner? Those questions and more are answered in this launch episode with ugly-crying and occasionally victorious friends and sometimes colleagues, Deseri Garcia and Michelle Freed.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    3 min

Huzzah! You Should Be Dancing

How many times have you let a milestone or personal victory pass by without even a pat on the back? No more! Celebrations are a must – they make us feel good, plus our bodies and brains benefit big time. So, light those candles, bake that cake, sing … dance! Let’s talk celebrations.

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Hello Hot Flashes & Menopause

Memory loss, brain fog, and hot flashes. All the oh-so-famous signs of menopause – and it’s a perfect topic for World Menopause Month. How does menopause effect us, both in the workpace and at home? The answers just might surprise you.

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Lifestyle Fatigue: Is This You?

Have you heard of Lifestyle Fatigue? If not, it’s probably different than what you think. This new term has to do with being stuck in a rut, feeling “off,” and emotionally exhausted. We’re exploring what it is, the signs that you might have it, and what you can do about it.

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Holiday Madness: Stress & Family Gatherings

Any family gathering can be stressful, but during the holidays? Two words: Powder Keg. We’re sharing hilarious holiday horror stories, the main causes of all that stress, and top tips for dealing with the chaos while also holding on to your sanity.

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Happiness: Mission Impossible

Happiness is kind of like the holy grail for humans. We all want to be happy, but life tends to keep throwing us curve balls. What is happiness, and why can’t we be happy all the time? With a little science mixed with potentially clashing viewpoints, Cuban & Sooner have ideas.

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Heather Lloyd: Peyton Manning & Dirty Locker Rooms

How did the perfect storm of Heather Lloyd’s passion for football (and Peyton Manning), being named an NFL Fan of the Week, and a “dark, sad cloud over Indianapolis” lead to a dream job with the Indianapolis Colts? All this and more in Part 2

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Heather Lloyd: Prince, Media Life and Grit

A family encounter with Prince. A budding career in broadcast journalism. Frigid temperatures and frosty local politics. Media personality and passionate football fan Heather Lloyd, a.k.a The Blue Mare, has some colorful stories about unexpected career transitions,daunting challenges, and fierce determination.

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Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have IT?

Emotional intelligence, a.k.a. emotional quotient, used to be terms that, when used, many of us might have said, “Huh? What’s that?” Nowadays, not so much. Most of us know it involves things like self-awareness and empathy. But actually practicing it … well that’s a whole different story.

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