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Do you know what double chive on the left side means? And how do you handle those four little words, we need to talk? Des and Michelle discuss these and other issues, like the Big Quit, imposter syndrome and more. Giddy up!

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Meet Cuban and Sooner

What exactly is work-life teetering, and who (or what) are Cuban and Sooner? Those questions and more are answered in this launch episode with ugly-crying and occasionally victorious friends and sometimes colleagues, Deseri Garcia and Michelle Freed.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    3 min

Yalonda Brown: Be What You Want To See

Being your authentic self matters in everything you do. That’s the message from Yalonda Brown, President of Diversity Initiatives at Engage Mentoring. She shares new perspectives on rough times, “relationship funerals,” work-life teetering, and “being what you want to see” on this episode of Cuban & Sooner.

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13 Signs Your Selling Yourself Short

We’ve all sold ourselves short from time to time. But some of us do it more than others, and statistics show that women tend to do it the most. We’re sharing 13 signs that you’re selling yourself short, plus 10 powerful tips to help you stop.

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Winter Blues, Clues & Solutions

Hey, if you tend to come down with a case of the Winter Blues this time of year, you’re in good company. And we’re on the case by unveiling the clues to look for, why it happens, and nine solutions to keep those dark blues at bay and come into the light. That, plus an...

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Inspiration! Top 10 Ways To Find It

If you’re feeling uninspired or battling a case of the blahs, this episode is for you. Inspiration is kind of like an onion – it has multiple layers and there’s more to it than meets the eye. We’re exploring the science behind it, including three main qualities of inspiration, and ten ways to get more of it.

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Courageous Bodacious

Did you know there are six types of courage, and you can actually practice being more courageous? There’s definitely more to this topic than you might think. In fact, researchers are paying more attention to what courage is, and how to practice it at work and in personal relationships. Find your inner lion in this episode.

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Work-Life Burnout: Signs & Tips

Being physically and emotionally exhausted—and quick to get angry or frustrated—are classic signs of burnout. And while it’s typically associated with work, it affects all areas of life and can lead to significant health problems. Learn about the signs of burnout and powerful tips for coping.

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Marie Kondo Or Kondon’t?

Marie Kondo, “Kondoing,” and questioning what “sparks joy” in our lives have become a common part of American culture for eight years now. Does this philosophy translate into our everyday lives today, and why are we still talking about it?

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Tough Decisions: How To Make Them

“What should I do?” Tough decisions are, well … tough. And making them requires a mix of gut instinct and objective list-making. Or maybe avoidance? If you have ever or are facing a difficult decision, this episode is for you.

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Fashion Trends, In-Crowds & Armocromia

Fashion trends come and go, and we all have the pictures to prove it. But being a part of the in-crowd isn’t as simple as it sounds – it has to do with herd mentality, pop culture, recycled ideas and of course, TikTok. For example, are you familiar with armocromia? We’re tying it all together and sharing our own unique fashion memories

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