Vacation Shaming (It’s a Thing)

Season: 01 | Episode: 11

If you’ve ever felt guilty, punished, or ostracized for taking days off of work to get away, you might have been vacation shamed. Yes, it’s a thing, especially for Americans. And it can have negative effects on, well … everything. In this episode, we discuss the vacay roadblocks many of us face in the workplace, and what we can do to deal and get out of our own way.


  1. Neil McGuffog

    Hello Des and Michelle. Great, great episode. Badges of honor seem to pop up for those not taking time off. Time off is viewed oddly in this country for sure. And I’ve been telling students/clients that I’m taking the “b” word out of my vocabulary. B-word = busy. I’m replacing it with the “p” word – productive. Watch some employee say to the boss – “Sorry – I can’t assist in that product – I’m just too productive right now.” 🙂

    • Deseri Garcia

      Hi Neil, we love this! The “P” word all the way! We appreciate you being a listener!


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